Choosing the gaming laptop under $500 depends on the user’s gaming demand. Not everyone is into avid gaming that demand super cool features. These cheap and top gaming laptops under $500 might not be the best to use to play the greatest end games on the best settings, but that doesn’t diminish from the splendor of being able to play games on the go without needing to break the bank. These cheap gaming laptop computers offer good value for money and it’s always possible to spruce up hardware configurations as and when the need arises, as most of the basic requirements are in place. For more competence, I suggest checking the best gaming laptops under 1000. For the price of 500 dollars, these low priced gaming notebook computer are surely great deals! just click on each image below to view and watch the top gaming laptop review video below…For heavy gamers, I would recommend saving some more cash for better deals. Watch the gaming review video below.

Cheap Gaming Laptops for 2015:

Lenovo Z50 15.6-Inch

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